Lawn care operators and professional landscapers count on LebanonTurf professional brands to make them successful in establishing and maintaining home and commercial lawns. Whatever the need, LebanonTurf has a fertilizer and control solution that delivers!

Seed & Establishment:

A wide selection of award-winning turfgrass seed varieties developed through careful research to deliver quality and performance. We combine these into high quality mixes and blends with specifications to meet any turfgrass need. Supplement quality grass seed with the best biodegradable seeding mulch, PennMulch, to achieve quick, quality growth.

Turf Maintenance and Pest Control:

LebanonTurf offers an extensive range of straight fertilizers or combination products that include weed and/or insect control products to maintain beautiful, healthy, pest-free lawns. Whether it be from our economical Lebanon Pro line, our value-added ProScape line or our new E-Blend sustainable line, LebanonTurf has a solution for every need. When fertilizer is not required for the turf, Lebanon Specialty products provide pest control in a granular form.

Featured Product

E-Blend 16-2-3 60% MESA 50% Biosolids

E-Blend 16-2-3 60% MESA 50% Biosolids is a premium straight fertilizer product with an NPK of 16-2-3 for residential, commercial and general turf use. Features 60% MESA for slow release of nitrogen with immediate green up without surge growth, muriate of potash which stimulates the growth of strong cells and provides disease resistance by promoting thickness of the outer cell walls and also includes Fe (iron) for quick green up.

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